Quinton Wilson

1. Favorite Book in the Bible: Proverbs
2. Favorite Scripture Verse: Not any one in particular
3. Favorite Food (Cuisine): Kristin's
4. Favorite Dessert: Yellow cake w/ chocolate frosting
5. Favorite Snack: The one in front of me
6. Favorite Movie Genre: Documentary
7. Favorite Music genres: Instrumental
8. Favorite Quote: Welcome to Costco, I love you.
9. Favorite Past Time Hobbies #3 then #6. Or shooting stuff then #4.
10. Favorite Local Hawa'iian Dish: Not sure where it sits in the definition, but a good manapua is only made better by more manapua.
11. Favorite Season (time of the year): Winter (real, not Hawaiian)
12. Favorite Gospel Story (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John): Luke