A little about us.

We are a Family Oriented Fellowship (Organic-Community-Relationship-Based). The seed form of this work was dropped into my heart back in 1999 after a series of prophetic dreams during a season of prayer and fasting. By divine orchestration, the Holy Spirit opened up doors for me to be a part of what was then a small scale private resort. Ko Olina (Translated: The Place of Joy in Hawaiian) has since blossomed into the premier vacation spot of Hawaii, the jewel of the Pacific. Living up to her name, this breathtaking paradise continues to impact the world over with her extravagant beauty. Her tranquil four man-made lagoons are icons of wonder.

Grace upon grace was bestowed upon me as I labored faithfully for years in this amazing venue. As a fellow pacific islander, it wasn't difficult to fall in love with this place and her people. Eventually, it became clear to Tara and I that a church was to be planted. Others talk about missing the 'cue' with the L-rd from time to time, but for us, there simply was 'no cue'. I felt blindsided by the contraction. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever envision ourselves pioneering a work such as this. And of all places, definitely not here in Hawaii.

All along we had regarded ourselves (our children included) as laborers in "foreign mission fields." We have traversed the world quite extensively and as far as we were concerned, Hawaii was just a breather, a sort of furlough, a sabbatical plan; a time and place to slacken our bow strings, sharpen the axes and temporarily sheath our swords, if you may, before we headed back to whatever nation G-D would commission us to next. At least those were our plans. I was later reminded that if one wanted to make G-D laugh, simply tell HIM your plans. A couple weeks prior to the official establishment back on Resurrection Commemoration Day 2003, the L-rd dropped the words "Cross-road Ohana" into my spirit. Immediately after that came the verse Matthew 16:18, "I will build my church." The rest is history...

-Isireli & Tara Qalo

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