Isireli Qalo

1. Favorite Book in the Bible - Revelation
2. Favorite Scripture Verse - John 3:16-17
3. Favorite Food (Cusine) - Anything Spicy 'mild'
4. Favorite Dessert - Anything Cold & Sweet
5. Favorite Snack - Anything Snack-a-ble
6. Favorite Movie Genre - "Westerns (John Wayne etc.,), Mysteries (Agatha Christies etc.,) & Classics" (Rear Window, Sergeant York, etc.,)
7. Favorite Music Genre - Smooth Instrumental Jazz (piano & saxophone), Classical guitar tunes, Hymns (done in Celtic fashion) & International cross-cultural (multi-lingual) Praise & Worship.
8. Favorite Quote - "People Don't care how much you know until they Know how much you Care"
9. Favorite Past Time Hobbies - Studying, research, cooking, baking, writing music & movies
10. Favorite Local Hawa'iian Dish - Beef laulau w lomilomi salmon
11. Favorite Season (time of the year) - All year around
12. Favorite Gospel Story (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John) - The Prodigals Sons & Their Restorations (Luke 15:11-32)

Tara Qalo

1. Favorite Book in the Bible: Psalms
2. Favorite Scripture Verse: Psalms 18:30
3. Favorite Food (Cusine): Burgers and fries
4. Favorite Dessert: chocolate brownies
5. Favorite Snack: popcorn
6. Favorite Movie Genre: drama
7. Favorite Music Genre: praise and worship
8. Favorite Quote: "Be a blessing!"
9. Favorite Past Time Hobbies: reading J. Rosenberg books
10. Favorite Local Hawa'iian Dish: kiawe hulihuli chicken
11. Favorite Season (time of the year): when school is over 🙂
12. Favorite Gospel Story: The woman at the well

Tara's Testimony

Born and raised in a Christian home in Salem, Missouri, I learned at a very young age of God's love for each of us and about His son, Jesus Christ. At the age of 5, while watching Billy Graham on TV, I knelt down with my mom and asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins and come into my life. My course was set and there was no looking back. I desired to grow in my personal relationship with Christ and to live my life to glorify Him.

Learning about missionaries and the Great Commission as a child was an important part of my walk with Christ. By the end of my 4 years at college, completing a degree in Communications (with an emphasis in Public Relations) and having spent summers on mission trips, I knew I had NO desire to be a PR person for anyone or anything other than the Lord! God was directing me into full time ministry as a missionary and miraculously led me to a Youth With a Mission base in Maui, Hawaii. Living by faith, hearing the voice of God, evangelizing, and experiencing many miracles were all part of this exciting season of growth and adventure. God opened up outreach opportunities in the South Pacific, Asia, and Europe. This little country girl from Midwest America had a glimpse into God's love for the people of the world.

Also, during my time in Maui, I met my amazing, talented, passionate, handsome husband, Israel Qalo. Our hearts were linked together by our passion for Jesus and our calling to the nations.

God's current assignment for us has been the birthing and overseeing of Cross-Road Ohana where God brings the nations to us and we continue to see His miracles on a daily basis. My heart is to encourage and disciple women, to encourage and support missionaries, to organize and help facilitate,... however..., my greatest joy of all is being a wife and proud mother of 8 (4 boys and 4 girls)!! Glory!

Psalm 18:30 - "As for God, His way is perfect."